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How Software Works Page

It is as simple as abc

Go through the steps below or watch the video to learn how to easily add your school without stress !

The following information are needed to register your school with us.

  • School Name
  • School Abbreviation eg MBBS
  • School Email
  • School Phone
  • School Country, State and City Situated
  • School Full Address
  • School Footer Text eg Education is the best legacy
  • School Admin Name
  • School Admin Email
  • School Admin Phone Number
  • School Admin Password

Now, it is time to create your school

  • Now that you have gathered the above information, click here to register your school.
  • Please note your school admin email and your school admin password. during registration process
  • Upon successful registration, you will be redirected to login page.
  • Login to your school portal and start using the software free without paying a dime !
  • NB: Please note that when you first register your school and login to your portal, there is a count down to a YEAR on your dashboard. Relax, it is still free to renew because after a year you will need to click on renew plan which is also free. We have placed this on your portal so as to know active members and dormant members.
  • When you login to your portal for the first time, the first thing to do is to scroll down to system settings by the navigation menu and click on general settings to upload your school logos, set your current session, section, theme and many others.

If you have any questions in your mind, Just click here to write or you can
Call to +2348033527712 or whatsapp us.

The green widget you see below is the live chat widget. If you click it you will see the window maximize and you will be able to chat with the Optimum Linkup Free Cloud School team 24 x 7 - 365.