Posted on 15, May 2021

Optimum Linkup Free Cloud School Report Card System

A web-based school administration system which makes it both easy to generate online school report cards is a boon for school administration. Most school administrators are strapped for time and challenged by paper based spreadsheets. The online grading module from Optimum Linkup Free Cloud School, helps create generate standard report cards.

The online report card system is part of the Optimum Linkup Free Cloud School management system which allows teachers to record grades easily. This in turn allows parents to stay involved and easily monitor their child’s progress from their parent portal and from their parent mobile app.

Teachers can also leave comments and track attendance. Whether it is report cards or transcripts which need to be emailed or printed, the data is consolidated and customized.

A report card is a short-term report of the student's grade. A student will get a report card for the duration of a grading period. No matter what age the student or what grade they are in, online report cards from Optimum Linkup Free Cloud School Software are flexible, easy-to-use and highly configurable; a gift to small, large and medium-sized schools with a small staff.

The Optimum Linkup Free Cloud School Gradebook is a plugin that needs to be purcahsed for schools to use and is included as part of the Student Information System. Paperless and online, Optimum Linkup Free Cloud School's easy-to-maintain grading system is a platform for schools to host, track and manage student data. This easy-to-use online Student report cards online allows a school to streamline the process of grading.